1. Tuscan Scooby

    Meet our Tuscan canine host, Scooby-Doo. Staying for a week in Tuscany’s countryside sounded idyllic, so we found an agriturismo down the hill from Pienza. The owner lived in a modest house with his mother, young son and dog, while we stayed in a separate building surrounded by fields that offered this as one of our views. Scooby-Doo, named by his son who had seen the American cartoon by that na…Read More

  2. Location, Location, Location!

    Is there a piece of Italian real estate in your dreams? A villa in Tuscany, a lake property at Lago di Como, an apartment in Rome? Let’s focus: rural or urban, luxurious or rustic, historic or modern … so many choices. With real estate prices worldwide corrected to more reasonable levels, and the stronger dollar to euro exchange rate now might be the perfect time to explore those dreams. Sever…Read More

  3. Enchanting Varenna

    Riding the local bus from Lugano, Switzerland to Lake Como was our first entry into Italy – and that memory is still in the surreal category. All the other bus passengers were small town Italian housewives happily chatting and toting their groceries back home. As we crossed the border, the passport checker hopped on the bus, exchanged pleasantries with the ladies, and rolled his eyes at us. Then…Read More

  4. Dinner at the Castle

    A stay at Il Borgo would not be complete without dinner at its sister property – Castello di Santa Maria Novella. This 11th century structure, which was destroyed and rebuilt in 1313, has strategic importance to the area between Florence and Siena. Sitting atop one of the highest points, the castle boasts spectacular views. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome and a grand tour from Fernando,…Read More